Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Stair Lift Companies

  These days it seems there exists a myriad of different stair lift manufacturers to choose from when looking for a stair lift for your home. While all stair lifts function basically the same, there are some major differences between manufacturers. Some of the lower end do-it-yourself brands are powered by 110v AC line voltage such as Ameriglide or Summit, while a better choice is a battery powered unit such as an Stannah or Bruno.

  Some of the advantages of battery powered over line powered include quieter operation, soft start / stop and the ability to use your stairlift during a power outage. New York Stairlifts,Inc. can attest to the last point with the fact that during Hurricane Sandy with loss of power, many of our customers were able to evacuate their homes safely.

  The chair lifts manufactured by Bruno and sold through New York Stairlifts are the best in the industry.  Manufactured in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin USA, the Bruno stair lift has the best warranty in the industry. The Bruno comes with a five year Gold warranty including an unprecedented two year guarantee on the batteries. I know when I shop I like to buy American when I can.  The Bruno quality is unmatched by any of the off shore  brands such as Acorn, Stannah, Sterling, Savaria etc.

  In the case where your stair lift might have a problem, all of our technicians at New York Stairlifts carry as part of their service kit practically every part, which means no down time for our customers.

  The educated consumer must understand that he or she can buy a stair chair lift off the "Internet", but when the time comes for a maintenance call or repair, who will be there to service the machine at the local level?

  The industry is dominated by companies some legitimate and some not, who operate out of their house
with the majority of installers having a "real" job and selling stair lifts part time.  Our company is constantly responding to stair lift customers who have purchased their stair lift from someplace else and are either refused service or told that their two year old stair lift needs to be replaced.  Most  of these companies push Acorn brand stairlifts because while Acorn will sell direct to you, they will also sell to anyone who decides to go into the stair lift business.  Buying from a reputable dealer means that the stair chair lift manufacturer has qualified that dealer in competency of install and repairs as well as having the proper insurance.

  Dedicated elevator installation insurance is the ONLY insurance that covers the installation of stair chair lifts and wheel chair lifts.  We at New York Stairlifts, Inc. carry this elevator installer insurance which allows us to do the installation of commercial stair chair lift and wheel chair lift jobs along with filing for the proper permits and performing the weight and safety inspection of the unit(s).

  We have been in business at the same location since 1988. That's 26 years. Would you feel more comfortable buying from someone whose whole business is the vehicle that they are driving?  A fancy web site with an explanation (or not) of why the company doesn't have a warehouse or business address does not serve the consumer.  This only proves the Latin saying "Caveat Emptor"   Let the Buyer Beware.

New York Stairlifts, Inc offers affordable, well built made in The USA stairlifts together with quality installation and service.  That's a combination made to benefit the consumer!